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CoQ10 vs. CoQ10, what's the difference?

by Eric Robert Santiago on 02/18/13

People ask me all the time, "what is the difference between the various forms of CoQ10, specifically, ubiquinol v. ubiquinone?" Hopefully, this blog will clear up some of these questions. CoQ10 is vital for strong hearts and healthy aging. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) or ubiquinone is a vitamin-like substance manufactured in the body that's sometimes referred to as "vitamin Q" for its many important contributions. It's a necessary component of the energy-producing machinery (mitochondria) of the bodys cells. It also helps maintain cellular health and protect against harmful substances (free radicals) produced in the body that can "speed up" the aging process by contributing to age-related illnesses and declining function. CoQ10 has also been extensively studied for heart and circulatory benefits. CoQ10 levels decline with age and can be further depleted by medications. Your body makes most of the CoQ10 it needs, but production gradually slows after age 20. Food sources are limited and provide only small amounts the body can't absorb easily. And certain medicationsincluding diuretics and statins (for lowering cholesterol)also reduce CoQ10. So can too much strenuous exercise. (Depleted CoQ10 makes exercise fatigue more noticeable and slows down muscle/injury recovery.) CoQ10 with greater "bioavailability" offers greater success. Like dietary sources of CoQ10, supplements may be difficult to absorb. A supplement designed for "bioavailability" advantages means greater absorption potential. So you can take less and get more expected benefits. Recent advancements in supplements include making CoQ10 particles smaller for easier uptake by cells. Other formula advances compensate for CoQ10's attraction to fat by making it more water-soluble. CoQ10 is also sensitive to heat, light, and air. So careful manufacturing and handling are crucial to maintain stability. Please visit us online at: and register for our free "Wellness Times" newsletter.

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