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Take Control of Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

by Eric Robert Santiago on 02/25/13

Concerned about your blood pressure or cholesterol levels? High blood pressure (hypertension) and blood lipid conditions (high triglycerides; high LDL “bad” cholesterol; low HDL “good” cholesterol) are early steps in the development of more serious diseases (metabolic syndrome, heart disease, type 2 diabetes) or cardiac events. Keeping blood pressure and blood lipids (fats) under control are one of the best health “ensurance” policies you can have.

Personalized nutritional support can help. While genetic factors (like family health history) play a role in developing blood pressure/lipid conditions, they're often preventable, manageable, and even reversible. Leading health organizations now recommend changing lifestyle habits—reducing body fat, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, managing stress, and eating healthy—before trying more aggressive therapeutic agents that can lead to serious adverse events with long-term use. Nutritional recommendations, such as concentrated fish oil supplements and condition-specific medical foods, are designed to make lifestyle recommendations for these conditions work even better...and faster!

Get some helpful advice and support. When it comes to improving chronic disease risk factors, it's hard to know what steps to take on your own. What should you eat? What nutritional supplements do you need? Where can you get them? We can help you go in the right direction. In fact, research often shows greater success for patients who have support and guidance from a healthcare professional than for those who try to go it alone.

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