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Tired of unsuccesful weight loss?

by Eric Robert Santiago on 03/01/13

March 1, 2013

Tired of unsuccessful weight loss? Repeated weight loss and regain may be doing you more harm than good. "Yo-yo" dieting or weight cycling can have psychological effects (e.g., disappointment, self-esteem issues) that inhibit weight maintenance. Repeated weight loss/gain has also been suggested to contribute to heart and blood sugar-related issues especially if weight regain exceeds a healthy weight and is maintained over time. Even at a healthy weight, aging bodies naturally lose muscle and favor fat storage, both of which can contribute to health problems and compromised functioning that impact independent living. That's why many health experts recommend a "lifestyle" approach to maintaining a healthy weight, incorporating principles that can become lifelong habits after short-term weight loss goals are met. Some important things to consider in a healthy plan for weight loss/maintenance include: Protein intake. Protein helps maintain muscle, is lower in calories, and helps curb cravings. A greater percentage of lean muscle benefits general health and well-being. Carbohydrate intake. Higher intake of refined sugars stimulates hunger, increases cravings for sweet foods, and promotes fat storage. Plus, our bodies store (as fat) the excess carbohydrates that aren't used as fuel. Fat intake. Lowfat diets may not consider the quality of fat intake, or they may recommend a counterproductive increase in carbohydrate intake. Fats also help prolong hunger. Phytonutrient intake. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, and herb/spices contain phytochemicals that offer heath benefits similar to vitamins/minerals. It's important to include fresh, whole foods to ensure a healthy intake of a spectrum of phytonutrients and fiber. Exercise. Regular physical activity helps maintain lean body mass. Stress management. Stress can cause hormonal changes or unhealthy habits that lead to weight gain.

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